The Theo Awards

The Theos: Ask Herzl Grants and Awards - Ask Herzl will offer rewards to the individuals and campuses that demonstrate commitment to Israel advocacy programming and strategy, through website engagement and submission of quality resources. Awards will include grants for Israel advocacy as well as individual prizes.  


  1. Israel Programming Innovation Awards:  Three prizes of $250 each will be awarded to individuals that demonstrate creativity and innovation through programs and how-to’s submitted to Ask Herzl.
  2. Engagement Award: Three prizes of $250 each for engagement with the site, through submissions, collaboration, user engagement, and/or sharing Ask Herzl resources to a new audience using social media. The chosen recipient will be the user that best exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that Ask Herzl believes in.
  3. Campus Strategy Award: Three prizes of $250 each will be awarded to recipients who supply innovative how-to’s and strategic thinking among other programmatic contributions that support Israel advocacy strategies.


  1. Israel Programming Innovation Grant: A $1000 grant for Israel advocacy programming and initiatives will be awarded to campuses that demonstrate creativity and innovation through programming submitted to Ask Herzl.
  2. Campus Strategy Grant: Two grants of $1000 each will be awarded to campuses that supply innovative how-to’s and programming that support effective campus strategies. Grants will go towards helping each campus to take the next step in reaching their strategic goals.
  3. The People’s Choice Theo Award: Each month there will be a Program and How-To of the Month. There will be open voting for the winner from among each month’s top programs & how-to’s. A $1000 grant will be awarded to the campus or individual that submits the winning program or strategy.

Other Honors

  1. Campus of the Month:  Each month a campus will be recognized for its commitment and contribution to Ask Herzl and sharing of Israel programming and advocacy best practices. 
  2. Program and How-To of the Month: Each month a program and a how-to will be recognized that is blowing our collective socks off.
  3. Outstanding Organization: An ICC partner organization will be recognized for significant contributions to Ask Herzl, including sharing Israel programming, advocacy best practices, and promoting a spirit of collaboration.

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Award Guidelines:

  • The Theos awards will be presented throughout the 2012-2013 academic year.
  • Eligibility will be based on nominations, open to the public, of Ask Herzl users by Ask Herzl users, and exemplary leaders as identified by the Ask Herzl team.
  • Awards are cash prizes presented to an individual for exemplary contribution to Ask Herzl. Unrestricted cash prizes are available to students. Professionals are eligible for cash prizes that may be donated to the organization of their choice or used for professional development opportunities. 
  • Grants are awards that are presented to organizations, clubs, or their leadership to be used to support Israel advocacy activities that are consistent with the vision of the Ask Herzl community. They are intended to support further development of the initiatives for which they were honored. Half of the grant funding will be awarded before implementation of the initiative and half after.
  • Only students and campus professionals are eligible for Ask Herzl grants. Partner organizations of the Israel on Campus Coalition are not eligible, but will receive public recognition and credit for contributions to the success of student and campus initiatives. Honorable mentions will be publicized through an announcement in the newsletter, posts on Facebook and Twitter, and displayed on the homepage, among others.