ICC Israel Advocacy Grant Recipients

List of 2012-2013 ICC Israel Advocacy Grants

  • University of Florida-"Grow Israel"

    Grant recipient Emily Sasser established an initiative to provide students and community members driven by environmental, creative, and spiritual programming an avenue outside of government and policy to relate to Israel. “Grow Israel’s” cornerstone will be an Israeli drip irrigation garden in Gainesville. Coupled with ongoing programming about Israel’s agricultural innovations, Israeli artists, and Israel’s humanitarian aid to Africa, Emily expects new relationships to harvest at the University of Florida.

  • Ohio State University-"Israel Advocacy and Coalition Building"

    Grant recipient Solly Poprish developed an initiative to advocate for Israel on a larger, campus-wide scale. Through a media based campaign to promote Israel throughout campus, coalition building with a variety of student organizations, a film series and focused Israel advocacy workshops, Solly hopes to grow the pro-Israel community in Columbus. Through strategic planning and goal-setting, Solly along with Buckeyes for Israel will continue to improve the perception of Israel, one student at a time at Ohio State University.

  • UCLA-"Israel Advocacy Training Through A Diverse Lens"

    Grant recipient Natalie Charney created an initiative to work with the Armenian Student Association (ASA) and UCLA Greek System to further develop and strengthen the large-scale, campus-wide Israel advocacy training campaign. This initiative includes three formal Israel advocacy-training sessions, two events for up-and-coming leaders with ICC staff, a lecture by Jon Medved, and a cultural dinner and a leadership dinner. Through dozens of co-sponsorships made possible by relationship building, Bruins for Israel has been able to grow the pro-Israel community exponentially in Los Angeles. The initiative is ideal for their campus and student populations since there is a strong focus on political initiatives and resolving conflicts at UCLA.

  • Penn State University-"Israel Uncovered"

    Grant recipient Melissa Sacks established an initiative to bring three different aspects of Israeli contribution to the world; democracy in the Middle East, international humanitarian aid and technology. By holding events and learning opportunities in State College throughout the semester to educate the student body about these three topics, Melissa hopes to improve the perception of Israel at Penn State University.

  • Vanderbilt University-"Engaging with Israel"

    Grant recipient Jeremy Bloomstone generated a series of programs and experiences intended to provide students' access to speakers and forums that allow for critical and constructive dialogue about Israel. The initiative is centered on a Middle East Cooperation Weekend with David Makovsky and Ghaith al-Omari and is designed to develop interfaith, cross-cultural, and political dialogue about Israel among the Jewish, Muslim, and broader student body community. In addition, the event focused on education and discussion about the Israeli political structure and system with the Jerusalem Post’s Gil Hoffman. The ICC is proud to sponsor these two speaking engagements along with a series of workshops planned to improve Israel advocacy skills for student leaders at Vanderbilt University.

  • Tufts University-"Real Israel @ Tufts"

    Grant recipient Aliza Shaprio is striving to offer the Medford community a look at what she believes is the "Real Israel." Aliza wants to show the student body the innovations and culture found in Israel, the impact it has across the globe as well as showing that it is okay to hold difficult conversations about Israel. Through this initiative, Aliza and her group hope to help educate the campus on Israel, as well as spark interest in learning more about the subject at Tufts University.

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas-"Israel Through Your Lens"

    Grant recipient Ari Boris created Israel Through Your Lens to connect influential, diverse student leaders and their respective student organizations with the State of Israel. By working strategically with campus ROTC, the LGBT community, the Lee Business School and Student Government Association, Ari hopes to build a more personal connection between campus leaders in Las Vegas and the Jewish State. Through hosting speakers and a private leadership dinner, Ari is positioning the pro-Israel community to do incredible work at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

  • Portland State-"#IsraeliAmazing"

    Grant recipient Amy Albertson established #IsraeliAmazing; a campus based campaign focused on creating a persistent, positive physical presence for the State of Israel in Portland. This will be accomplished through consistent flyering, tabling, and a variety of social media engagement events which will create a more consistent and visual presence on campus and among the student body at Portland State University.

  • Alabama State University-"#myUSandIsrael #myASU"

    Grant recipient Donald Underwood is hosting a video and essay competition for students to create short video essays about the importance of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. Following the awarding of winners, Donald will host a coordinated media day in Montgomery which will include a full-page advertisement in both the campus and university newspaper pledging their fraternity's and campus's support for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. Through creative measures, Donald and his brothers in Alpha Phi Alpha are working to build a vibrant pro-Israel community at Alabama State University.

  • University of Vermont-"Campaign to Combat BDS"

    Grant recipient Ari Levine is addressing the ongoing issue of BDS on campus. The University of Vermont expects a third divestment (in three years) proposal in Burlington this spring and are working to to defeat it. To this end, they have developed an initiative that is aimed at building relationships with members of Student Government which will serve as a means of defeating the BDS movement at the University of Vermont

  • Northwestern University-“Bridging the Gap”

    Grant recipient Galya Loeb is ensuring strong relationships between the pro-Israel community and powerful student organizations and academic departments within the community in Evanston. By creating an initiative that will serve as a top-down approach to engaging the best and brightest student leaders and faculty at Northwestern with events ranging from a Leadership Dinner with local Congressman to an Honest Reporting in the Media event with Ethan Bronner of the New York Times, to hosting actor Guri Weinberg, Galya expects to build everlasting partnerships and develop outstanding advocates for Israel within the College Republicans, College Democrats, Student Government Association, the Medill School of Journalism and the Theater and Interpretation Center at Northwestern University.

  • University of Texas-“Israel Outreach Fellowship”

    Grant recipient Kayla Sokoloff is cultivating a pro-Israel social media presence within the community in Austin by creating a fellowship that will serve as a cooperative learning initiative for accomplished and involved student leaders that are intent on refining their Israel advocacy social media skills. Through lessons taught by Benji Lovitt, Neil Lazarus, Adam Goldberg from Socially Gold, and Daniel Cohen of Hasbara Fellowships, Kayla hopes to form the next cohort of Israel advocates on social media at the University of Texas.

  • Oklahoma University-“Double D: Dinner and Discussion”

    Grant recipient Debra Goss is generating a strong pro-Israel climate in Norman by creating a program that will serve as a dinner and discussion series with remarkable student leaders that are determined on refining their Israel advocacy personal narrative. Through peer-led discussions from Taglit-Birthright and Israel study abroad alum, as well as Israeli student leaders and professors, Debra anticipates dozens of students will find their connection with Israel and thus be able to advocate for Israel with a personal approach at Oklahoma University.

  • Yale University-"Slifka Israel Fellowship"

    Grant recipient Josh Kalla is working vigorously to cultivate the pro-Israel community in New Haven by creating the Slifka Israel Fellowship that will serve as an educational series for gifted and spirited student leaders that are intent on nurturing their Israel advocacy skills. Through lessons taught by campus professionals at the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale, Josh hopes to generate the next cohort of educated pro-Israel student leaders at Yale.

  • Baruch College-“iLounge”

    Grant recipient Alisa Rudy is fostering a strong pro-Israel manifestation within the community in Manhattan by creating a program that will serve as a supportive learning enterprise for gifted student leaders that are determined on refining their Israel advocacy skills. Through lessons taught by Daniel Kuhn of the ICC, Zoey Jick and Tova Birnbaum of WZO, and representatives from CAMERA and the David Project, Alisa expects to produce the next unit of educated and engaged Israel advocates at Baruch College.

  • Brooklyn College-"Future Israel Advocates of BC"

    Grant recipient Melanie Goldberg is working prudently to develop the pro-Israel community in Brooklyn by creating a fellowship that will serve as a cooperative learning initiative for accomplished and involved student leaders that are intent on refining their Israel advocacy skills. Through lessons taught by professionals from The Israeli Consulate, Hasbara Fellowships, CAMERA, and StandWithUs, Melanie hopes to form the next generation of Israel advocates at Brooklyn College.

  • Virginia Tech-“Expanding Israel Advocacy at VT”

    Grant recipient Alexa Lewis is working to retain Israel advocates and provide them with a renewed purpose while reaching out to new networks and constituent groups on campus. Through building collaborative partnerships with the Corps of Cadets, the business department, engineering department and international student community, Alexa hopes to continue in making Friends of Israel a vibrant and inclusive student group at Virginia Tech.

  • University of Michigan-"Creativity and Innovation in Israel”

    Grant recipient Isabelle Friedman is working carefully to grow the pro-Israel community in Ann Arbor by reaching out to both arts and cultural groups on campus. Through dedicated recruitment efforts and a number of events including Artists 4 Israel, a film showing of Voices from El Sayed, an AHAVA Spa Night and an Israel themed Shabbat, Isabelle has been able to renovate American Movement for Israel into one of the leading student organizations on campus.

  • Drexel University-“Israeli History & Conflict Learning Initiative”

    Grant recipient Shani Weiss is working carefully to develop the pro-Israel community in Philadelphia by creating Tikvah Fellowship, an interactive learning initiative for educated and engaged student leaders that are interested in fine-tuning their Israel advocacy skills. Through classes taught by professionals from CAMERA, StandWithUs, The David Project, and Hasbara Fellowships, Shani hopes to recondition Dragons for Israel into a strong pro-Israel organization at Drexel.

  • University of Colorado-“CHAI on Israel”

    Grant recipient Tzvi Darling is working prudently to cultivate the pro-Israel community in Boulder by holding a Buffed up Week in the fall, an Israel Peace Week in the spring and a number of events throughout the year to connect the pro-Israel community. Through loyal engagement and a number of events including bringing Sgt. Benjamin Anthony to campus to speak on the importance of Protecting the Zionist Dream, a film showing of Iranium, and a display of Israeli flags in the center of campus, Tzvi hopes to rejuvenate Students for Israel at The University of Colorado, Boulder into one of the premier pro-Israel groups in the country.

  • University of California, Santa Cruz-“Direct Zionist Advocacy”

    Grant recipient Danielle Meidan is working to have a positive impact on the student community’s pro-Israel attitude and the mindsets of elected student officials, student organization representatives, and university administrators. Through educational programming that humanize Israel and workshops designed to teach decision makers about the threatening campus climate towards Jewish students in an innovative, interactive way, Danielle hopes to convert Slugs for Israel into one of the best student organizations on campus.

  • University of Connecticut-“Mifgashim Yisrael”

    Grant recipient Ben Trotenberg is working to organize and facilitate a coming together of pro-Israel students and student leaders across campus. The goal of Mifgashim Yisrael is to create a communicative environment that will enable students in the same vein as soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces to be united with each other through consistent communication at times of peace, complacency, and times of hostility on and off campus. Through this initiative, Ben hopes to make Huskies for Israel one of the supreme pro-Israel groups in America.

  • Michigan State University-“Israel Campus Advocacy Training”

    Grant recipient Coby Shecter is working wisely to mature the pro-Israel community in East Lansing by facilitating ICAT, a program where 40 Jewish and non-Jewish students will be able to learn and grow as Israel advocates on campus. The goal of ICAT is for pro-Israel students on campus to become more confident advocates for Israel and to increase participation in Israel programming at Michigan State. Through this initiative, Coby hopes to develop the next generation of pro-Israel student leaders at Michigan State University.

  • Hunter College-“The Bina Initiative”

    Grant recipient Milana Cohen is working sensibly to nurture the pro-Israel community in Manhattan by implementing an Israel Fellowship where students will learn to become powerful advocates for Israel through themed sessions that will correspond with other events occurring on campus that month. Themes include “How Much Israel Cares” in honor of Women’s history month in March and “Shalom, Salaam, Peace” in honor of Israel Peace Week in May. Through this fellowship and well publicized events on campus, Milana hopes to create the first ever pro-Israel group at Hunter College.

  • University of Toronto-“Israel Engagement Internship Program”

    Grant recipient Talia Rotman is working strategically to promote innovative programs that involve wide circles of students and inspire student groups to think creatively and proactively about sophisticated and resonant Israel engagement.  By teaching student leaders how to hold meaningful conversations and how to build relationships, Talia hopes to develop a cohort of educated pro-Israel students that will be positively shape public opinion of Israel at the University of Toronto.