Lead UP

Lead UP

An ICC, BBYO, Moishe House partnership

Lead UP will be piloted in two cities- Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA. The program will run from September - December, 2012.

Lead UP is a new initiative that encourages pro-Israel leaders to stay involved with Israel advocacy opportunities as they transition from high school to college and beyond graduation. Lead UP enables college and post-college aged fellows to mentor, lead and empower small groups of high school students through dynamic educational and social justice initiatives that span the spectrum of Israel advocacy opportunities.

Paid fellowship positions are available for one college student and one young professional.

  • Fellows will be responsible for the management of a small learning community consisting of high school juniors and seniors (15 high school students).
  • Group management includes but is not limited to: ensuring attendance at sessions, coordinating a minimum of one monthly one-on-one mentorship meeting with each student, and creating a dynamic, relevant and interesting curriculum using real life examples.
  • Groups will meet twice per month and provide both educational and social Israel advocacy-related opportunities.
  • Fellows will assist in planning and administering all educational and social opportunities, giving them ownership and practical experience in community building for Israel advocacy purposes. 

High school students will be mentored by fellows providing real-life examples and exposure to the next steps in their academic and Israel-related lives.

  • High school students will be required to formulate an initiative or program based on their participation in this group. Additionally, these students will receive funding to execute those programs.
  • Initiatives or programs run by high school students will advance their role as peer educators and grow the overall number of leader advocates creating initiatives that advance positive attitudes towards Israel. 


College Students and Young Professionals: Want to help mentor the next generation of pro-Israel leaders, build professional skills, and get paid for doing it?

Lead UP is looking for two paid fellows to take part in an exciting new pilot program.  Fellows will be responsible for developing a semester-long theme, mentoring individual participants, helping to build a strong, cohesive learning community, and creating and coordinating educational and social opportunities. Pilot groups will take place in San Francisco and Washington, DC. 

Applications for this pilot are now closed. Please check back in late November, 2012 for updates on the initiative. 

High School Students: Want to build professional skills, create useful connections for college, and money to run an Israel-related program in your region?

Lead UP is looking for fifteen high school seniors and junior to take part in an exciting new pilot program in conjunction with Speak UP for Israel. Participants will be responsible for attending  semester-long themed activities (both educational and social), be mentored by a local college student and young professional, and creating an Israel-related activity in your region. Additionally, you’ll receive money to run the program you create! Pilot groups will take place in CRW and Washington, DC. 

Applications for this pilot are now closed. Please check back in late November, 2012 for updates on the initiative.