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Through the “Let Our Students Go” initiative, the Israel on Campus Coalition works to eliminate barriers to study abroad in Israel. The ICC provides guidance, materials, and strategies to address study abroad on campuses and promote Israel as an attractive, safe, and popular study abroad destination.

The Israel on Campus Coalition is proud to support the ongoing University of California and California State systems reinstatement of study abroad to Israel. 

Thank you for your interest in the Study Abroad Israel Programming Grant. We have closed the grant for this academic year. Please re-visit us in the fall of 2012 for application information.

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During the past several years, many universities across the United States have reinstated their study abroad programs in Israel. As just one example, see the article below on the recent reinstatement of study abroad trips to Israel on California campuses. Today, university administrations and study abroad offices are working with their risk assessment and security teams to develop innovative strategies for safety on campus and around the world. Despite these positive moves towards resuming travel to Israel, some campuses still cite the State Department warning on Israel and continue to limit students’ options.

ICC and its member organizations make study abroad in Israel a priority. A taskforce from ICC makes information available to students who want to study abroad in Israel and don’t have the information or the resources to do so.  They address three main questions that students ask:

  • Which colleges have official study abroad programs in Israel?
  • Of those that don’t offer official programs of their own, which colleges allow students to go to Israel?
  • What are each schools’ specific financial aid and petition policies with regard to travelling to Israel?

ICC has compiled an up-to-date chart of 150 schools and their Israel study abroad policies.   This chart lists each college and shows whether Israel is listed under approved programs, if financial aid is transferable, and if a waiver or petition is needed for travel. If the college’s information is ambiguous, a note appears in the “notes” section of the spreadsheet for contacting the school’s study abroad office for further information.
The schools chosen for this study represent a diverse range of geographic locations, Jewish population sizes, and levels of national visibility.

If you have questions or wish to add additional information, please contact us at


The Jerusalem Post Magazine - Lifting the ban on student exchanges

The report can be downloaded in an Excel format:

150 Schools List

Study Abroad in Israel_150 Schools List Intro


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