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Jerusalem Post

12.8.16 Joint US-Israeli Academic Work Jumps 45% in Past Decade

Academic collaboration between US and Israeli institutions increased by some 45% over the course of the last 10 years, according to a study released this week by the Israel on Campus Coalition.
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The Algemeiner

12.8.16 ‘Underhanded Tactics’ of BDS Movement Unnerve Jews on College Campuses Worldwide

“It’s not a coincidence. It’s not an accident,” the executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jacob Baime, told The Algemeiner. He said he sees about one example every month of anti-Israel actions on campus timed...
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Inside Higher Ed

12.7.16 Joint Papers With U.S. and Israeli Authors Increase

“This landmark report shows that the relationship between American and Israeli universities is stronger than ever,” Jacob Baime, the executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, said in a statement.
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12.7.16 American-Israeli Academic Collaboration Soars Despite Boycott Efforts on Campus

Judged by actual fiscal impact, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israel has been a dismal failure.
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Times of Israel

12.6.16 U.S.–Israel Academic Collaboration Increases Dramatically

A new independent study conducted by the prestigious Samuel Neaman Institute using data retrieved from academic databases, reports that academic collaboration between US and Israeli universities increased by 45 percent in the prior...
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Times of Israel

9.6.16 BDS Said Giving Way to More Disruptive Anti-Israel Activism on Campus

Anti-Israel activism on college campuses in the US is shifting away from efforts to push for a boycott of the Jewish state to more dramatic displays of anti-Israel sentiment, such as disruption of events, a report released Tuesday...
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The Algemeiner

3.6.16 Report Shows ‘Growing Internal Divisions’ Among Anti-Israel Activists on Campus and Other Good News

A report released last month analyzing American campus trends concerning Israel, contains several surprising and important results. Perhaps the most important point in the “Fall 2015 Campus Trends Report,” produced by Israel on...
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San Diego Union-Tribune

12.23.15 Imagery used in Islamophobia protest causes stir

A University of San Diego professor’s protest against discrimination toward Muslims resulted in a campus controversy when she and students wore yellow stars similar to those Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany and Europe before...
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South Florida Sun-Sentinel

11.9.15 Terrorism victim moves students

Despite going through a harrowing experience of surviving a brutal knife attack, terrorism victim Kay Wilson was able to humor enthusiastic college students in addition to inspiring them when she told her courageous story at Florida...
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