Israel on Campus Coalition

Strategy. Action. Impact.

Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is a national network of students, faculty, and professionals dedicated to strengthening the pro-Israel movement on campus. ICC champions a whole-campus approach, enlisting allies from every segment of the university community to create a positive climate for Israel on campus. ICC supports and empowers campus leaders, facilitates strategic collaboration among national pro-Israel groups, incubates innovative initiatives, and conducts cutting edge research to inform campus partners and the national pro-Israel community.


ICC creates a more effective, skilled, and strategic pro-Israel network on campus.

  • Executive consultations for leaders of national pro-Israel campus groups
  • Rapid response team for crisis mobilization
  • Fifty elite Grinspoon-Morningstar Fellows serving as student catalysts at 50 key campuses
  • ICC Academic Network faculty fellows mentoring students, forging new ties between U.S. and Israeli campuses, and combating Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)
  • Advocacy training for students, campus professionals, faculty, and other campus stakeholders


ICC helps foster collaboration, maximize efficiency, and minimize duplication in the pro-Israel movement.

  • Strategic consultations for leaders of national pro-Israel campus groups
  • Collaborative national campaigns to address major challenges
  • Coordinated crisis communication and mobilization plans
  • Platform for communication among national and local campus stakeholders


ICC inspires and promotes creative approaches to pro-Israel activism on campus.

  • Incubator of innovative campus initiatives, such as TAMID Israel Investment Group
  • Grants and incubation services for new initiatives led by students, faculty, and professionals
  • Support for inventive educators, advocates, and thought leaders to develop new strategies


ICC cultivates an informed pro-Israel community that makes data-driven decisions.

  • Up-to-the-minute tracking of Israel-related activity at 400 colleges and universities
  • Early warning system to alert campus constituents and national partners about anti-Israel activity
  • In-depth research on campus assets, liabilities, trends, and challenges
  • Publications on campus trends, key research findings, and best practices