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Legal Insurrection

9.24.17 New Report: Anti-Israel activism on campuses more “aggressive, sophisticated”

The Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC), a national organization that supports pro-Israel and Zionist students on university campuses, has released a new report that summarizes the findings from nearly 1200 anti-Israel activities that...
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Times of Israel

9.19.17 National Orgs Expanding Sophistication, Reach of Campus Anti-Israel Campaigns

Though the report found that the number of BDS campaigns on U.S. campuses fell by almost 40 percent in 2016-2017, down to 20 initiatives in the last academic year, ICC Communications Director Megan Nathan said activists have increasingly...
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The Algemeiner

9.19.17 New Report: Anti-Israel BDS Campaigns Drop by 40 Percent on US Campuses in Past Year, but Are Turning Increasingly Aggressive

The report warned that pro-Israel students and advocates should not be lulled into complacency, as detractor groups continued to employ controversial tactics to advance their agenda.
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Jewish Telegraphic Agency

9.18.17 Why US campuses are becoming more Israel friendly

Anti-Israel activism on college campuses across the country has declined, according to a new report by a campus pro-Israel organization.
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Times of Israel

9.18.17 Campus environment increasingly hostile to pro-Israel students – report

Pro-Israel students in the United States are facing an increasingly antagonistic atmosphere on college campuses, a study released on Monday said.
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Jerusalem Post

12.8.16 Joint US-Israeli Academic Work Jumps 45% in Past Decade

Academic collaboration between US and Israeli institutions increased by some 45% over the course of the last 10 years, according to a study released this week by the Israel on Campus Coalition.
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The Algemeiner

12.8.16 ‘Underhanded Tactics’ of BDS Movement Unnerve Jews on College Campuses Worldwide

“It’s not a coincidence. It’s not an accident,” the executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jacob Baime, told The Algemeiner. He said he sees about one example every month of anti-Israel actions on campus timed...
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Inside Higher Ed

12.7.16 Joint Papers With U.S. and Israeli Authors Increase

“This landmark report shows that the relationship between American and Israeli universities is stronger than ever,” Jacob Baime, the executive director of the Israel on Campus Coalition, said in a statement.
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12.7.16 American-Israeli Academic Collaboration Soars Despite Boycott Efforts on Campus

Judged by actual fiscal impact, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israel has been a dismal failure.
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