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Senior Associate for Membership

The Academic Engagement Network (AEN) seeks to hire a staff member to serve as Senior Associate for Membership. Working closely with the AEN Executive Director and other members of the AEN leadership team, the Senior Associate for Membership will lead AEN’s efforts to grow and serve the organization’s membership. The core function of the position is to communicate regularly with AEN members to support their various AEN-related engagements on campus (countering the delegitimization of Israel, confronting antisemitism, supporting free expression and academic freedom, sponsoring robust and civil conversations about Israel, Jews, etc.). This will include occasional travel to university and college campuses to meet with faculty members.

The Senior Associate will also conduct outreach to and recruit to membership potential new AEN members, which may include specialized recruitment activities aimed at diversifying the membership. Finally, the Senior Associate will strengthen AEN’s continuing efforts to develop a dynamic national membership network by facilitating connections and conversations among and between AEN members and helping AEN members share knowledge and best practices with one another and with students. The strategic goals of the position are increased levels of engagement by a greater number of AEN members; growth in membership on selected campuses; increased demographic diversity among the membership; and increased network activity and dynamism.

The position is configured as a full-time position based in the AEN office in Washington DC, with an expectation of supported travel to relevant campuses. Advanced graduate students pursuing their Ph.D. who can commit to at least 25 hours per week are also invited to apply for this position. The Senior Associate for Membership will report to Miriam F. Elman, AEN Executive Director, and to Michael Atkins, AEN Deputy Director. AEN offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with experience.

Education and Experience

Applicants applying for a full-time position should have an M.A. degree or Ph.D. Advanced graduate students should have a B.A. or B.S. degree or foreign degree equivalent. Applicants ideally should have a visible record of working on campus against the delegitimization of Israel and on behalf of academic freedom and free speech, and at minimum should have a demonstrated interest and commitment to these aims. They should be familiar with faculty roles on campus and savvy about campus politics. Experience as a faculty member is highly desirable but not required. Applicants who are advanced graduate students should have a good working knowledge of the issues of concern to AEN, including campus antisemitism and anti-Israel activism.


The Senior Associate for Membership will:

  • Help develop and implement strategies for recruiting new AEN members and for supporting the AEN-related work of existing members on campuses across the United States
  • Contact and meet with AEN members on their college and university campuses to assist them in developing proactive initiatives and responding to anti-Israel and antisemitic incidents
  • Facilitate interconnections in the AEN network and build relationships through personal contacts and visits to targeted campuses
  • Design and hold relevant on-site local workshops for members, and support efforts to strengthen collegial local networks
  • Help advance leadership development among members by maintaining contact with graduates of the AEN Regional Short Courses and supporting their subsequent AEN-related initiatives
  • Closely monitor and facilitate discussions among members on AEN online discussion boards and other online mediums
  • Oversee AEN’s faculty-student mentoring initiative
  • Work as an integral part of the AEN leadership team in its interaction with members, including participating in AEN regional and local convenings, short courses, and other AEN initiatives
  • Speak and interact with faculty and with relevant organizations on campuses as a representative of AEN; participate in programmatic planning and in AEN events
  • Selectively recruit for AEN membership advanced graduate students who are completing the Ph.D. and entering relevant fields

About AEN

The Academic Engagement Network (AEN) is an independent and non-partisan national network of university and college faculty and staff members on American campuses who seek to counter the delegitimization and demonization of Israel while helping to defend academic freedom and freedom of expression in higher education. AEN believes in robust conversation about Israel and Israel/Palestine in the academy; AEN also opposes antisemitism, whether from the left or right, when it appears on campus.

AEN has grown quickly since its founding in December 2015 to include more than 700 faculty and staff on 235 campuses in October 2019. As part of its strategic plan, AEN is committed to aggressively growing, serving, and mobilizing its membership and becoming the leading U.S.-based faculty organization working on these issues. AEN provides various services including customized research, thoughtful guidance, educational seminars and relevant publications, programming grants and other resources, and networking and learning opportunities for members. We are building a vital network of faculty committed to effective action and multidirectional communication including the sharing of best ideas and practices. For more information, visit www.academicengagement.org.

To Apply

Applicants should provide a cover letter detailing interest in and suitability for the position, a resume or curriculum vitae, and one writing sample. The names and contact information for three references should also be included in the application. In order to ensure prompt attention, these materials should be sent no later than Wednesday, November 27, 2019 to Michael Atkins, Deputy Director, at mike@academicengagement.org. The position will remain open until filled.

The Academic Engagement Network is an equal opportunity employer.