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We unite and empower pro-Israel campus organizations, providing strategic coordination and expertise to strengthen support for Israel. When we work together, our movement is stronger.

"ICC's microgrant allowed the Claremont McKenna community to learn about Israel from a new perspective." - Mica Laber, Grinspoon Morningstar Fellow

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2x PM, 3x foreign minister, Nobel Peace Laureate, @PresidentPeres was first of all a mensch. @StephensWSJ @WSJ https://t.co/iwmCHxtoM1

Sep 29 @israelcampus

.@WHO recognizes #IDF's commitment and rapid response in providing medical relief in disaster areas https://t.co/cy6XXb6VO6 @idfspokesperson

Sep 29 @israelcampus

.@TechnionLive, @StudyTAU, @HebrewU make @Reuters' list of the world's 100 most innovative universities! https://t.co/7Hf4nw5ZPV

Sep 29 @israelcampus

.@PresidentPeres leaves behind a legacy of peace. May his memory be a blessing. זכרון לברכה 🇮🇱 https://t.co/f8ZRR3zDz8

Sep 28 @israelcampus

Is the #iPhone8 being built in #Israel? https://t.co/22p4W7fGaW

Sep 28 @israelcampus

We mourn the passing of Shimon Peres שמעון פרס​. We are grateful for his lifelong dedication to peace & will strive… https://t.co/OzlJ7LW8hU

Sep 28 @israelcampus

.@yaakovkatz @Jerusalem_Post spoke at @Cornell about complexities beyond the headlines facing #Israel https://t.co/VFP1R9C4yp @CornellHillel

Sep 27 @israelcampus

2017 @WBCBaseball field is set after #Israel wins qualifying round. https://t.co/GZZeekLVay 🇮🇱

Sep 26 @israelcampus

Congrats to team #Israel for their win against Great Britain in the @wbcbaseball classic last night. https://t.co/ImDjpN67Hu

Sep 23 @israelcampus

Congrats @TAMIDgroup at @QC_News & all award recipients bringing cutting-edge business ideas from #Israel to campus. https://t.co/GzUAN2JEGI

Sep 23 @israelcampus

Academic partnerships btwn @UCBerkeley & Israeli universities bring critical advancements in #engineering #physicshttps://t.co/Qn4ehjdJkQ

Sep 22 @israelcampus

.@UCBerkeley's strong academic partnerships with #Israeli institutions are something to be celebrated. https://t.co/MGy4s73f5f

Sep 22 @israelcampus

Israeli & Palestinian #environmentalists discuss joint efforts to save land, resources in #MiddleEast https://t.co/uZcpRjvJgo @binghamptonu

Sep 20 @israelcampus

Why most productive convo on Israeli-Palestinian conflict took place before students met: https://t.co/mDDsJzkwZ3 @aaronsfisher @Columbia

Sep 20 @israelcampus

We oppose #BDS. That doesn't make us apologists for Israel. - Ken Waltzer, Academic Engagement Network https://t.co/dGs3HDaATX @haaretzcom

Sep 19 @israelcampus

ICC Executive Director @JacobBaime speaks about working together to fight #BDS on campus at the @JNFUSA Conference… https://t.co/wtIkZiodiO

Sep 19 @israelcampus

"Israel's no different than other democracies facing internal external challenges." - @DanielPAldrich, @northeastern https://t.co/REZFUGDw5b

Sep 16 @israelcampus

If you're in #Boston this weekend stop by @CJPBoston's Amazing Israel Race for chance to win funds to go to #Israel! https://t.co/D2jBwgIEwF

Sep 16 @israelcampus

Check out @HasbaraFellows' exclusive opportunity to meet and welcome @AmbDaniDayan. https://t.co/q3OjDZJcN7 https://t.co/FnSvo1BSJa

Sep 15 @israelcampus
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