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"ICC's microgrant allowed the Claremont McKenna community to learn about Israel from a new perspective." - Mica Laber, Grinspoon Morningstar Fellow

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Ken Waltzer of @TheAENetwork on how a divestment resolution passed at @Portland_State obstructs truth & dialogue: https://t.co/q0k3fBpmoS

Oct 27 @israelcampus

Welcome to twitter, @TheAENetwork!

Oct 26 @israelcampus

Facing Hate at Home: A student's account of #BDS and #discrimination on campus. https://t.co/YyNsgUZ0IY via @TimesofIsrael

Oct 26 @israelcampus

Anthony Safir, student at @Portland_State, describes discrimination he faces on campus & responds to PSU #BDS vote. https://t.co/YyNsgUZ0IY

Oct 26 @israelcampus

Once better known for its agricultural kibbutzim, Israel has transformed itself into a high-tech industrial nation. https://t.co/nTkhCJiIRK

Oct 26 @israelcampus

22 yrs ago, Israel-Jordan #PeaceTreaty was signed. Today, #Israel & #Jordan safeguard joint interests in MidEast. https://t.co/8rBAnDqO5u

Oct 26 @israelcampus

This @EmoryUniversity college freshman spent a gap year in #Israel, volunteered with @Mdais & delivered a baby! https://t.co/BfCDZ92wF6

Oct 21 @israelcampus

Student at @MIT articulately explains how the @UNESCO resolution validates religious discrimination in #Jerusalem. https://t.co/1ljvixJztJ

Oct 21 @israelcampus

Ethiopian-Jewish activist & emissary for the @JewishFedLV shares her family's story about their journey to #Israel https://t.co/sjLndRfaA6

Oct 21 @israelcampus

"I am progressive, I am pro-Israel, and I am proud." - @MsJuliaDarling, student at UC-Riverside https://t.co/oZCHMM35LM via @HuffPostTeen

Oct 20 @israelcampus

.@HillelIntl becomes a safe haven for students who proudly support the state of #Israel. https://t.co/qRbhCWvnvJ via @Jerusalem_Post

Oct 19 @israelcampus

The most incredible sports story you've never heard of. @MaccabitlvBC https://t.co/lo7F7x476g

Oct 19 @israelcampus

Spotlight on @TAMIDgroup and its life-changing student internships: https://t.co/AyiFzBfCrM

Oct 14 @israelcampus

Israel and the Academy launched yesterday. Great resource for students, faculty and others in fight against #BDS. https://t.co/pkdWLCpyyK

Oct 14 @israelcampus

.@tavcoders, an initiative to teach students of all skill levels to code while abroad in #Israel, comes to @Cornell! https://t.co/mfS1SisryW

Oct 13 @israelcampus

.@lenovo to invest $100 million in Israeli startups over the next 3 years: https://t.co/pmkkpUlCPg

Oct 13 @israelcampus

“I feel like I can be myself here in Israel,” @Amareisreal reflects on his recent move to the Holy Land. https://t.co/PIwhHwOWb2

Oct 10 @israelcampus

An @UMich student shares a powerful narrative about a troubling incident that occurred on campus earlier this week: https://t.co/9l1dUqGGpK

Oct 07 @israelcampus

How #Israel is becoming a powerhouse in the #automotiveindustry: https://t.co/uCRX2ae1ef

Oct 07 @israelcampus

We couldn't agree more! #BruceSpringsteen: I really need to play in #Israel. https://t.co/VMVpLZqEKD

Oct 06 @israelcampus

Pro-Israel students from across Midwest prepare for year ahead. @JUFChicago @HillelIntl @IsraelActionNet https://t.co/wnnVQfckVX

Oct 06 @israelcampus

"It seems hypocritical of minority groups fighting 4 freedom to target another minority group that desires freedom." https://t.co/GVhQUfyvqI

Oct 02 @israelcampus

.@bengladstone of @BrownUniversity: Jewish rights belong in any broad movement to fight oppression. https://t.co/CA229N2wPa

Oct 02 @israelcampus
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