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"ICC's microgrant allowed the Claremont McKenna community to learn about Israel from a new perspective." - Mica Laber, Grinspoon Morningstar Fellow

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Thank you for hosting us this morning, @jewishcleveland. What a great crowd! https://t.co/w3LFB8TcQs

Jul 28 @israelcampus

A powerful video from our partners at @AEPi https://t.co/WOwwAiQxRj

Jul 26 @israelcampus

ICC is excited to be in ATL for @ZetaBetaTau Convention! Come visit our table tmwr from 3-4:30pm to pick up swag & get involved.

Jul 22 @israelcampus

The photos are up! We had a great time at our Field Professionals Retreat this week, thanks to all who joined us. https://t.co/pZ7ndnO1Oy

Jul 22 @israelcampus

Kicking off our summer Field Professionals Retreat in Portland! Big thanks to our fantastic partners for joining us. https://t.co/XZWBHgU24A

Jul 18 @israelcampus

Destination of the year? According to @forbes, it's Tel Aviv! Check it out: https://t.co/tJs6EDQuQB

Jul 14 @israelcampus

A @birthright program, American Physicians Fellowship for Medicine, takes future medical professionals to Israel. https://t.co/kSzRb9zhL7

Jul 12 @israelcampus

Check out this innovative internship program at @cofc, "Doing Business with Israel" https://t.co/CQAATL7BN4

Jul 08 @israelcampus

A student at @emoryuniversity shares her journey to #israel on @birthright: https://t.co/A75xKrfyo3

Jul 05 @israelcampus

"Your are not powerless": A workshop prepares students for possible anti-Israel & anti-Semitic bias on campus: https://t.co/XWvBf7TvMF

Jun 30 @israelcampus

The @nyuniversity grad student union BDS decision has been repealed by their parent union--https://t.co/d0Se5Oghlu

Jun 27 @israelcampus

Reframing campus dialogue on Israel https://t.co/L27Noi0yXO

Jun 23 @israelcampus

Israel is working to expand its global ties, including the creation of some unlikely new partnerships. https://t.co/JzSLRirQr6

Jun 20 @israelcampus

Wishing you and your family a peaceful shabbat. https://t.co/PVLZXA9sJ4

Jun 17 @israelcampus

Is boycotting Israel free speech? https://t.co/9Eajx0mjgv

Jun 16 @israelcampus

How we poll is important: https://t.co/DudbAitmxi

Jun 16 @israelcampus

Is the movement to boycott Israel failing economically? https://t.co/92swOLDTny

Jun 02 @israelcampus

The United Methodist Church has rejected 4 Israel boycott, divestment, & sanctions resolutions from conference. https://t.co/k4Arf9Lt4I

May 17 @israelcampus

In appreciation of @HillelIntl and their incredible contribution to our community: https://t.co/OnpmYSoqW6

May 16 @israelcampus

US Amb to the @UN, @AmbassadorPower, & other world leaders join Israel in celebrating 68 yrs of independence. https://t.co/h2jPhMc9CY

May 11 @israelcampus

Strong response by @HillaryClinton against planned BDS vote by Methodist church https://t.co/NCm0xV72Yb

May 10 @israelcampus

Two weeks left to apply for the 2016-2017 @CAMERAonCAMPUS Fellowship! Apply by May 15th: https://t.co/XSFF5maOlX https://t.co/qysztBF91T

May 04 @israelcampus

Bruce @Springsteen guitarist to BDS supporters: You're obnoxious idiots: https://t.co/xSkekeXXCy https://t.co/xSkekeXXCy

May 03 @israelcampus

Pro-Israel alumn calls efeat of BDS resolution at @Vassar a ‘watershed moment’: https://t.co/1ViceJ1i43 #BDSfail

May 03 @israelcampus
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