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We unite and empower pro-Israel campus organizations, providing strategic coordination and expertise to strengthen support for Israel. When we work together, our movement is stronger.

"ICC's microgrant allowed the Claremont McKenna community to learn about Israel from a new perspective." - Mica Laber, Grinspoon Morningstar Fellow

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.@AravaInstitute brings Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians together to sow seeds of cooperation in a barren land. https://t.co/uHMnfgScxA

Jan 23 @israelcampus

Israeli humanitarian efforts collected and distributed 1.5 tons of aid to Syrian refugees in Lesbos in 5 days. https://t.co/DDqMJzxWjf

Jan 20 @israelcampus

Another reason to visit Israel! https://t.co/JavgH4Dnl4 via @Forbes

Jan 19 @israelcampus

#FPR17 off to a great start with opening remarks from ICC's executive director Jacob Baime. #BetterTogether https://t.co/jPRTBiqx5V

Jan 16 @israelcampus

Read the heart-wrenching stories of the Syrian patients who are being treated in Israeli hospitals. https://t.co/Tw3pjxtUnZ @Jerusalem_Post

Jan 13 @israelcampus

Two @UniOfFlorida students went on a trip to Israel and came back with new perspectives. https://t.co/JtxMccJECB @JNFUSA

Jan 13 @israelcampus

Israeli & Canadian researchers engineer biological pacemaker to overcome drawbacks of electrical pacemakers. https://t.co/t2l2eHN7gB

Jan 10 @israelcampus

6 Israeli products that will change your life. #startupnation https://t.co/NDZFR2snMV via @TimesofIsrael

Jan 09 @israelcampus

Modern Language Association moves to reject academic boycott of Israel. https://t.co/tmoGdopOZC via @nytimes

Jan 09 @israelcampus

Israeli alert system saves lives in #Chile #earthquake. https://t.co/wgphN2ltUP

Jan 06 @israelcampus

.@MitchellGBard suggests binational foundation to promote US-Israel academic collaboration in social sciences. https://t.co/5ETidpd1Qx

Jan 04 @israelcampus

Cooking Coexistence teaches Jewish, Muslim women work skills, fosters friendships, and gives meals to kids. https://t.co/nfp2LtoOgd

Jan 03 @israelcampus

This Israeli student-run venture fund invests in student entrepreneurs and early stage #startups on campuses. https://t.co/d9ltEjenLi

Dec 23 @israelcampus

Israeli high-tech companies raise record funds in 2016. #startupnation https://t.co/hPnvrtaYLY

Dec 23 @israelcampus

.@kdolgenos of @pomonacollege responds to hateful anti-Israel vandalism on campus. https://t.co/YS3kWVRdoH via @TimesofIsrael

Dec 21 @israelcampus

.@MitchelleGBard of @JewishVLibrary highlights successful pro-Israel campus programs. https://t.co/DEwCXgTV3x @TimesofIsrael #bettertogether

Dec 20 @israelcampus

Latin American academic leaders sign monumental cooperation agreement with @HebrewU. https://t.co/iY2ynw4QMO

Dec 20 @israelcampus
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