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they stand up for Israel.
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We unite and empower pro-Israel campus organizations, providing strategic coordination and expertise to strengthen support for Israel. When we work together, our movement is stronger.

“ICC’s microgrant enabled us to showcase
Israel in a new and interesting way.”
- Ariel Dankner
University of California, Santa Barbara

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This 7-year-old girl won the European Chess Championship. Now, she is being denied the right to compete at the Worl… https://t.co/xSBmIJ8xpP

Jul 22 @israelcampus

The #IronDome saves countless lives, shooting down missiles in the sky before they hit targeted civilian population… https://t.co/qKW4OPDaql

Jul 22 @israelcampus

To grow crops in the offseason, Bengal farmers adopt Israeli greenhouse techniques. https://t.co/t9BY1SjAQI

Jul 20 @israelcampus

Israeli intelligence helps thwart major Iranian terror attack in #France. https://t.co/9byyRBOsbY

Jul 20 @israelcampus

.@ILAerospaceIAI signs an agreement with #India to provide airplane taxiing technology that decreases fuel consumpt… https://t.co/OFRhZugHyo

Jul 19 @israelcampus

With entry into #Jordan closed, Syrians flock to #Israel for aid and medical assistance. Ammar, a Syrian father o… https://t.co/1sQNfIvxoT

Jul 18 @israelcampus

.@JohnJayCollege student @NatSegev writes about her experiences being shunned, ostracized, threatened & bullied by… https://t.co/8OPHJ8dAu2

Jul 17 @israelcampus

.@IrqLax is the team to watch at @2018WorldLax. This skilled team of college students is rep-ing the game of their… https://t.co/6dZ4usAZe1

Jul 17 @israelcampus

In May, @uoregon student govt passed an anti-Israel #BDS resolution. Last Friday, @OregonHillel professionals fou… https://t.co/JKXP1IUJY4

Jul 13 @israelcampus

170 Israeli, Israeli-American & Jewish American students participated in @israeliamerican's Summer Hackathon where… https://t.co/QCI30Pqhzd

Jul 13 @israelcampus

A 14-member delegation representing the @Illinois_Alma, @ACESIllinois, @ILLengineering & Discovery Partners Institu… https://t.co/QbfOIM5yJl

Jul 13 @israelcampus

Students for Justice in Palestine at @UCDavis says progress is impossible in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "so l… https://t.co/KDgKOvc5Z4

Jul 12 @israelcampus

"If at Charlottesville neo-Nazis carried signs avowing ‘Jews will not replace us,’ progressive students in SJP and… https://t.co/yZElT9ksF0

Jul 12 @israelcampus
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