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they stand up for Israel.
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We unite and empower pro-Israel campus organizations, providing strategic coordination and expertise to strengthen support for Israel. When we work together, our movement is stronger.

“ICC’s microgrant enabled us
to celebrate Israel on campus.”
- Ariel Dankner
University of California,
Santa Barbara

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Weeks after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, four Jewish students came back to a swastika drawn on their dorm r… https://t.co/0eOBItOe6n

Nov 20 @israelcampus

With extensive experience responding to disasters, @IsraAID deployed to #California to provide recovery services to… https://t.co/Mow5S6TzsA

Nov 19 @israelcampus

At @DukeU, a swastika was found painted on top of students' mural memorializing #Pittsburgh shooting. https://t.co/q5H5DMkmit

Nov 19 @israelcampus

The Israelis and Palestinians who are teaming up to bring #electricity, clean #water, and necessary #infrastructurehttps://t.co/V1BTq1fjwd

Nov 19 @israelcampus

.@EmoryUniversity's Institute for the Study of Modern Israel celebrates its 20th anniversary. https://t.co/zjUcvCuyR6

Nov 19 @israelcampus

Can't go to the game? These Israeli virtual reality systems will teleport you there. https://t.co/nuonNWspuD

Nov 18 @israelcampus

.@Yale sophomore @jacobhutt reflects on what it means to be Jewish and his ever consciousness of anti-Semitism. https://t.co/5OgbQp2fRg

Nov 17 @israelcampus

"SJP isn’t pro-Palestinian or pro-justice. It is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic." - Nathan Bentolila, @UCBerkeley stu… https://t.co/dU8iw9HnYy

Nov 16 @israelcampus

"It is distinctly problematic to coordinate coercive efforts to alienate, intimidate or censor students for their i… https://t.co/3yftJNFyXm

Nov 16 @israelcampus

.@floridaatlantic students hosted a Lunch and Learn with a Special in Uniform veteran, who spoke about his pride in… https://t.co/Tx4zC3U5Jt

Nov 16 @israelcampus

Israel Week at @michiganstateu was a great success! https://t.co/LYjvq7wECT

Nov 16 @israelcampus

Fa-nano-tastic partnership between @TelAvivUni and @NorthwesternU! https://t.co/OQEi83hrJy

Nov 16 @israelcampus

.@WUSTL students said their trip to Israel gave them a greater understanding of and appreciation for #Israel. https://t.co/CgfOfuEAvR

Nov 16 @israelcampus

.@UMich Professor Victor Lieberman on Cheney-Lippold, #BDS, freedom of speech, and the #Israel double standard. https://t.co/4qohfmsLqt

Nov 15 @israelcampus

If this is how leaders of the #BDSmovement publicly behave, imagine what they are doing behind closed doors... https://t.co/pPNGs0L2wZ

Nov 15 @israelcampus
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