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they stand up for Israel.
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We unite and empower pro-Israel campus organizations, providing strategic coordination and expertise to strengthen support for Israel. When we work together, our movement is stronger.

“ICC’s microgrant enabled us
to celebrate Israel on campus.”
- Ariel Dankner
University of California,
Santa Barbara

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.@TAMIDgroup provides experiential student learning through the Israeli economy. https://t.co/2QaZxLEZcb

Oct 16 @israelcampus

Good to see this collaborative initiative taking place between @umich, @TechnionLive, and @WeizmannScience. https://t.co/HK3DTT7u30

Oct 15 @israelcampus

A six-month-old Palestinian baby received a heart transplant from a Jewish child at Israel's Sheba Hospital. https://t.co/BXliaM9fuZ

Oct 14 @israelcampus

.@TGMchef brings Jewish and Israeli cuisine to #Atlanta! https://t.co/PSBOlgmeH2

Oct 13 @israelcampus

.@umich students proudly stand together and show hate won't win. #NoHateOnCampus https://t.co/PDPhImThpA

Oct 12 @israelcampus

The incredible story of a Polish diplomat who risked his life to save Jews from the Holocaust. May Konstanty Rokick… https://t.co/31i4uIr6js

Oct 12 @israelcampus

.@gsdeutch, editorial fellow at @TheAtlantic , discusses the challenges that pro-Israel students on campus face def… https://t.co/zZluahAhar

Oct 12 @israelcampus

Two more swastika incidents reported at @uofmaryland, bringing the total of hate bias incidents reported this semes… https://t.co/ZjX5n9YSeg

Oct 12 @israelcampus

Two Israeli universities ranked among @Reuters' 100 most innovative universities in the world. https://t.co/7DYiRShApR

Oct 11 @israelcampus

Over the past six months, incendiary kites and balloons flown from Gaza have caused 1,053 fires and destroyed 3,000… https://t.co/60PfOm6btD

Oct 11 @israelcampus

The headline says it all. #BDSfail https://t.co/5X1Zzd8yeI

Oct 11 @israelcampus

For the win! Former @UofNorthFlorida @OspreyMBB basketball superstar Dallas Moore now brings his talent to… https://t.co/eFW7ddGji9

Oct 11 @israelcampus

.@uchicago Alliance with Israel (UCAI) had a successful first meeting back at school! https://t.co/YNYvJeO8il

Oct 10 @israelcampus

Nazi fliers, calls to kill Jews, swastikas targeting the Jewish fraternity -- these hate offenses have been a reali… https://t.co/UMGYdMAJTQ

Oct 10 @israelcampus

We thank @UMich admin for taking disciplinary action against a professor who refused to write a student a letter of… https://t.co/IImCyt7cvx

Oct 10 @israelcampus
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