ICC National Leadership Summit

ICC National Leadership Summit

What is the ICC National Leadership Summit?

ICC’s National Leadership Summit is a three-day training seminar in Washington DC from August 1-3, 2022. The Summit offers participants unique access to influential pro-Israel leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and activists, uniting these forces to harness their expertise, address today’s critical issues, and inspire student leaders from college campuses across the country. 

Participants of ICC’s National Leadership Summit return to their campuses with a greater understanding of the changing Middle East and a fine-tuned set of organizing skills, equipping them to enhance their communities. 

Registration is now closed. If you have general questions about the ICC National Leadership Summit, please email us at info@israelcc.org.


What are the benefits of participating in the ICC National Leadership Summit?

  • An enhanced understanding of the challenges facing Israel and the complexities of a changing Middle East 
  • Advanced skills in grassroots organizing and advocacy that participants can apply to their campuses and communities
  • Strategies to strengthen communication skills effectively across written, verbal and digital mediums
  • An expanded network of student leaders from around the country who are committed to advancing the US-Israel relationship on American college campuses


How much does it cost to participate in the National Leadership Summit?

  • ICC’s National Leadership Summit is a highly subsidized program for a select group of student leaders who are looking to grow their knowledge and skills. 
  • If selected to participate, students will receive round-trip airfare from their point of origin, shared hotel accommodations, and meals during the summit. Participants are responsible for getting themselves to and from the airport.


How do I register to participate in the National Leadership Summit?

  • Registration is now closed. For additional information, please contact info@israelcc.org.


The program involves a planned three-day training seminar, which is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. from August 1 – August 3, 2022, as an in-person event. Participation in the conference will be subject to applicable COVID vaccination, testing and mask requirements, and safety protocols, as determined by ICC. ICC retains the right to cancel or modify as necessary the in-person program to a virtual platform to comply with any health and safety directives prior to the event.