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Israel on Campus Coalition Joint Statement: Condemning Students for Justice in Palestine for Glorifying Terror

For years, the pro-Palestinian movement on campus has been represented primarily by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Today, SJP has hundreds of chapters across the country, often recognized on campus alongside other student groups and funded through student fees and university funds.

We therefore call for moral accountability and official punishment for SJP and its chapters for their campaign to glorify the Hamas attacks on Israel of October 7.

The Hamas attacks included the mass rape of young women, the point-blank shooting of the elderly, the torture of entire families, the decapitation of babies, the parading of dead bodies after their murder, and the kidnapping of more than 100 innocent civilians to Gaza as hostages, where their abuse continues at this moment.

SJP’s actions in the last few days in reaction to these events:

· SJP chapters are holding “National Day of Resistance” rallies celebrating the attacks as a “historic win.”
· SJP marketing materials celebrate the image of a Hamas armed paraglider headed towards a group of Jews at a desert rave – where more than 260 young people were slaughtered.
· SJP internal materials say the “total return and liberation to Palestine is near… armed struggle… is legitimate, and all of it is necessary.”
· SJP’s toolkits implicitly encourage similar rampages in the United States and Canada, referring to those countries as “occupied Turtle Island” and then saying “necessary struggle against an occupying and colonial state [is] not a “war” or “conflict.” It is a struggle for national liberation.”
· SJP’s social media platforms routinely promote calls to violence such as “Long live the Intifada” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

These actions and statements cannot be ignored and must be condemned – by all members of the university community.

We call for any university recognition of SJP chapters to be withdrawn, and any university funding to be rescinded.

We make this call because the organization glorifies violence against Jews and others, praises war crimes and crimes against humanity, demonizes Jews and calls for further violence against Jews and others, celebrates the rape of women, incites genocide and violates every norm and code of conduct at every university we know of.

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