Students on campus today
will shape Israel’s tomorrow.


Our mission is to inspire American college students to see Israel as a source of pride and empower them to stand up for Israel on campus. Our role in this effort is to unite the many pro-Israel organizations that operate on campuses across the United States by coordinating strategies, providing educational resources, sharing in-depth research, and increasing collaboration. When we work together, our movement is stronger.


We envision the American college campus as a place where supporters of Israel feel confident about openly celebrating the Jewish state, where dialogue and ideas are freely exchanged about Israel, where the anti-Israel movement remains marginalized, and where the entire campus community appreciates Israel’s contributions to the world. Our vision is long-term. What happens on campus today will shape the next generation of American leaders. We must all work together to create a positive atmosphere for Israel on campus today so that we can ensure a thriving U.S.-Israel relationship in the future.

Our Work

Leadership Training

We build a more educated, coordinated and strategic pro-Israel campus movement. We provide:

  • Consultations for executive leaders of national organizations
  • Professional development for national organizations’ field professionals
  • Grinspoon Fellowship for student leaders
  • Education for students, faculty, campus professionals, and other campus stakeholders
  • Tailored consultations for students and professionals on campuses facing anti-Israel activity
Our Work

Research  & Analysis

We empower the pro-Israel movement to make data-driven decisions. We provide:

  • Up-to-the-minute tracking of Israel-related activity at colleges and universities nationwide
  • A daily summary of Israel-related articles compiled from all campus media outlets
  • In-depth research on campus assets, liabilities, trends, and challenges
  • Publications on campus trends, key research findings, and best practices
Our Work

Rapid Response

Through coordinated responses to anti-Israel activity, we bolster the pro-Israel campus movement’s efforts to build support for Israel. We provide:

  • Coordinated crisis communication and mobilization plans
  • Tailored consultations by ICC strategists and partner organizations for students and professionals on campuses facing anti-Israel activity
  • Grants to students, faculty, and professionals for pro-Israel initiatives
Our Work

Organizational Collaboration

We create a more efficient and streamlined movement by bringing national pro-Israel campus organizations together to collaborate. To do so, we provide:

  • Strategic consultations for leaders of campus groups
  • Collaborative national campaigns to address major challenges
  • A platform for communication among national and local campus stakeholders
  • A National Operations Center for our work and that of our partners
Our Work

Educational Resources

We support the integration of safe and inclusive educational platforms in which to discuss Israel on campus by providing:

  • Educational programs and materials that equip students with factual information and historical context to better understand and discuss complex issues
  • Network of over 400 university faculty from 175 different campuses dedicated to reasoned discourse about Israel on campus
  • Resources for Grinspoon Fellows that promote open and productive dialogue on college campuses


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